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Program Title: Professionalism Series: Don’t Jeopardize Your Lawyer’s Professional Liability Insurance
Total CLE Hours: 0.50
General CLE Hours: 0.50
Professionalism or Ethics CLE Hours: 0.50
Registration Fee: $ 4.00

This seminar is not designed as a comprehensive review for purposes of insurance coverage litigation. Rather, it is intended to provide a general discussion for non-insurance coverage attorneys and to discuss how professionalism and liability are intertwined for attorneys. This seminar will provide every attorney with an action plan  dealing with a potential claim.

The written material provides examples of professional liability policies and uses hypotheticals to illustrate how coverage can be lost under policies and leave lawyers in a lurch in the wake of professionalism complaints.

Materials provided with the program

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Written Material Video Material
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Approved for CLE credit in these Jurisdictions: IL
Available Formats Windows media, iPod, Quicktime, Flash video
Presenter: David Roe