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Program Title: Intellectual Property: How to Negotiate and Draft Software License Agreements
Total CLE Hours: 1.00
General CLE Hours: 1.00
Professionalism or Ethics CLE Hours: 0.00
Registration Fee: $ 8.00

This program provides an in-depth examination of the process and procedures involved in negotiating and drafting software license agreements. Topics covered include: What is a Software License? Warranties, Acceptance, Infringement Indemnity, Limitations of Liability, Term vs. Perpetual Licenses and Source Code Escrow Accounts. This presentation is designed for attorneys at all experience levels.

Software companies generally to not transfer ownership of their software to their customers. If they did, then the licensor would no longer have rights to the software, which would quickly put them out of business.

Instead, software companies “license” their software. This means that company licensing the software, the “licensor” maintains ownership rights but the company using the software, the “licensee” gets certain rights. These rights can be as broad or as limited as the parties agree. There are several types of licenses which are common and which are covered in this program
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Approved for CLE credit in these Jurisdictions: IL
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Presenter: Peter Kaminsky