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Program Title: Electronic Discovery: Maneuvering the New Federal Rules
Total CLE Hours: 1.25
General CLE Hours: 1.25
Professionalism or Ethics CLE Hours: 0.00
Registration Fee: $ 10.00

Electronic Discovery: Waving Goodbye to the Days of Paper

The electronic age has overtaken us. We are faced with litigating in cyberspace and need a roadmap for the new methods of discovery. George Bellas provides us with the expert guidance we require. The program provides a thorough review of discovery rules, how to track down various sources of electronic documents, files and emails. This program reviews the changes in the Federal Rules and delves into the depths of the electronic document and electronic discovery. 

In 1997 experts estimated that computer users never convert up to thirty percent of all electronically stored documents into paper form. Recent surveys indicate that 93 percent of all documents produced in 1999 were created in digital form, and an estimated 30 percent of all information is never printed on paper. These numbers have increased every year since then to the point now where practically nothing is paper based. Every big business uses computers to create information, communicate and store data. Business records routinely available in hard copy in prior decades may now be available only on computer.

Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure explicitly authorizes a party to request production of electronically stored data. Rule 34(a) has been revised, and now states that "[a]ny party may serve on any other party a request . . . to produce . . . any designated documents or electronically stored information – including writings, . . . and other data compilations stored in any medium from which information can be obtained – translated . . . by the respondent into reasonably usable form.”

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Approved for CLE credit in these Jurisdictions: IL,VI
Available Formats CD, DVD, Windows media, iPod, Quicktime, Flash video
Presenter: George S. Bellas