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Program Title: Landlord's Rights in Retail Bankruptcies, Squeezing Blood from a Stone
Total CLE Hours: 1.00
General CLE Hours: 1.00
Professionalism or Ethics CLE Hours: 0.00
Registration Fee: No Charge

This program presents an overview of bankruptcy protection for landlords once a national retail tenant files for bankruptcy.

This program examines what a landlord can and cannot do when their tenant files for bankruptcy.  It also identifies what a landlord can expect to happen post-petition bankruptcy and the obligations that they are still under as tenants.  The program also details the types of claims that a landlord can file once their tenancy files for bankruptcy.

This program will provide the participant with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify the current legal trends for landlord when their national retail tenant files for bankruptcy.


Materials provided with the program

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Written Material Video Material
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Approved for CLE credit in these Jurisdictions: IL
Available Formats Windows media, iPod, Flash video
Presenter: Phillip Coover