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Program Title: Electronic Discovery: Litigation for the Next Century & Emerging Practices
Total CLE Hours: 1.00
General CLE Hours: 1.00
Professionalism or Ethics CLE Hours: 0.00
Registration Fee: $ 8.00

Mr. Weber covers a broad range of topics within E-Discovery and includes specific examples that answer technical questions. Topics include:

  • Spoliation & The Duty To Preserve,
  • Discovery Strategies early litigation
  • Defragment or compressing hard drives
  • New Federal Rules FRCP
  • “Meet & Confer” Amendment under Rule 26(f)
  • Rule 26(a) & 33(d) New Category of Data: ESI
  • Rule 26(b)(5) Protection From Inadvertent Production
  • Protects productions from inadvertent waiver of privilege
  • Implication to litigation team
  • Cost Of Discovery
  • Balancing Provisions of Rule 26(b)(2)(C)
And finally, What Does a Good Solution Look Like including a discussion onf fast start times, Data Mapping, Collections strategy, Lockdown data, Culling and processing strategy, Native file review, litigation support strategy, and Reduction of cost, time, and multiple conversions.
The materials include citates and a quick reference guide to the amendments to FRCP 16, 26, 33, 34, 37 and 45.
Materials provided with the program

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Approved for CLE credit in these Jurisdictions: IL,VI
Available Formats CD, DVD, Windows media, iPod, Quicktime, Flash video
Presenter: Richard E. Weber