National CLE Program Presenter Information

Our CLE presenters are highly experienced, leading attorneys and professionals. Many of them are nationally recognized experts in their respective fields.

If you are interesent in presenting a CLE program, we have presenter information available here.

Some of our recent presenters include:

Presenter Name

Program Title

Total CLE Hours

George S. Bellas Electronic Discovery: Maneuvering the New Federal Rules 1.25
Richard E. Weber Electronic Discovery: Litigation for the Next Century & Emerging Practices 1
Anna Rivera Professionalism Series: ADR: Mediate Not Litigate, A Holistic Approach to Mediation and Law 1.5
Elizabeth A. Granoff Professionalism Series: ARDC Investigations: What To Do When The ARDC Knocks On Your Door 1
H. Roderic Heard ADR: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Litigation And Arbitration 1.5
James C. Dechene False Claims Act and Health Care - Part One 1
James C. Dechene False Claims Act and Health Care - Part Two 1
James C. Dechene Healthcare Patient Dumping under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act 1.5
H. Roderic Heard Professionalism Series: ADR: Tailoring Trial Advocacy for Mediation 1
David Roe Financial Series: Counseling Clients on Reducing Exposure and Recovering From Identity Theft 0.5
Peter Kaminsky Intellectual Property: How to Negotiate and Draft Software License Agreements 1
David Roe Professionalism Series - Don’t Jeopardize Your Lawyer’s Professional Liability Insurance 0.5
William D Goren The Americans with Disabilities Act: Considerations for Every Attorney and Client 1
Audrey H. Rubin Professionalism Series: Attorney Alternative Billing Options and Their Ethical Considerations 1
Christopher Keleher Persuasive Writing For the Appellate Court 1
Elizabeth A. Granoff Professionalism Series: ARDC Ethical Investigations: Everything Attorneys are Scared to Ask, but Must Know 1
Martin Osinski Breaking Up is Easy to Do - Splitting Property is Hard 1
David Roe Professionalism Series: Don’t Jeopardize Your Lawyer’s Professional Liability Insurance 0.5
E. Leonard Rubin Intersection of Digital Rights with Copyright and Trademark Law 1.25
Kenneth Anspach Insurance Series - The Duty to Settle Under a General Liability Policy 1.25
E. Leonard Rubin The First Amendment and Entertainment Law 1
Steven Behnken Commercial Advertising Injury, the Lanham Act and Metadata: How Search Engine Results Could Lead to Big Client Losses 0.5
Thomas E. Patterson Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions: Conquering Commercial Catastrophes 1
Joel Brodsky Hearsay and the Confrontation Clause: Illinois State and Federal Considerations 1
Steven Murawski Environmental Risk Management and Environmental Auditing 1
Kevin Dixler Unlawful Presence Waivers Based Upon INA 1
Joseph Scally Juvenile Fitness to Stand Trial 1
Gary Flanagan From Smiley Face to Outer Space - U.S, Supreme Court 2011 Employment Law Cases 1
Linda Condon-Slabaugh Overview of Human Anatomy for the Legal Profession 1
George S. Bellas Professionalism Series: E-Discovery 1.5
Elizabeth A. Granoff Professionalism Series: Disciplinary Law -The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission 1
Michael Rosenblat Search and Seizures 1
Audra Wilson Introduction to Poverty Law 1
Audrey H. Rubin Professionalism Series: Complexities and Conflicts of Checking Systems 1
Joseph Scally Mental Health Aspects of Guardianship, Civil Commitment and Surrogate Decision-making 1
John LaMantia Defending Construction Injury Cases 1.5
Jerry Brown Professionalism Series: Ethical Considerations and Risk Issues in the Electronic Age 1
Micki Moran Introduction to Special Education Law 1
Jan L. Kodner Helping Clients through the Social Security Disability Benefit Process 1.5
Sofia Zneimer Self-Sponsorship National Interest Waiver of Job Offer and Labor Certification 1.25
Rodney Nordstrom How to Spot a Jury Foreman 1
Richard Friedman Historic Preservation Law 1
Linda Condon-Slabaugh Introduction to Medical Coding for the Legal Profession 1
John LaMantia Professionalism Series: Lien On Me- An Attorney's Guide to Liens 1.5
Thomas E. Patterson Professionalism Series: Attorney-Client Communications: Protecting Your Clients Secrets 1
Linda Condon-Slabaugh Professionalism/Ethics Series: Substance Disorders and the Legal Profession 1
Kenneth Anspach Insurance Adjuster Liability for Wrongful Denial 1
Charles Silverman Mortgage Foreclosure Defense 1
Audra Wilson Professionalism/Ethics Series: How Society Uses Law to Impact the Realities of Existence for Low Income People in the U.S. 1
Tim Jon Semmerling A New Era: Mitigation in Sentencing without the Death Penalty 1.5
Chipo C. Nyambuya Corporate Social Responsibility 1
Lawrence M. Donoghue Professionalism/Ethics Series: Complying with State and Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws 1
Ira Jay Cohen Drafting Effective Marital Settlement Agreements 1
Olga Stambler Collaborative Divorce - Resolution without Litigation 1
Linda S. Pieczynski Recent Trends in Juvenile Law from Offenders to Juvenile Records 1
Jonathan P. Tomes HIPAA & HITECH Everything a Lawyer Needs to Know 1
Steven H. Shapiro Raising Investment Capital: Private Placement and Exempt Transactions 1
Adrienne B. Naumann Critical Changes in U.S. Patent Law 1.25
Robert R Tepper Mediation: Ground Rules and Practical Strategies 1
Joel Brodsky Professionalism/Ethics Series: Media Cases: Dealing With The Media-Practical and Ethical Issues 1.25
Charles Silverman Advanced Foreclosure Defense in Illinois 1
George S. Bellas Professionalism/Ethics Series: e-Discovery for the 21st Century 1.5
Ira Jay Cohen Professionalism/Ethics Series: IRPC Rule 1.14 and the IL Divorce and Probate Act 1
Elizabeth A. Granoff Professionalism/Ethics Series: Ethical Considerations Facing Attorneys with Alcohol and Drug Issues 1
Jan L. Kodner Management of Your Social Security Caseload and Practice 1
E. Leonard Rubin Intersection of Digital Rights with Copyright and Trademark Law 1.25
Audrey H. Rubin Professionalism/Ethics Series: Alternative Billing and the Request for Proposal 1
Chipo C. Nyambuya International Rule of Law: Foundations for Development and Post Conflict Context 1
Bruce C. deGrazia Banking and Health Care Law with Respect to Computer Security 1
Bruce C. deGrazia Bits and Bytes of Computer Security Law 1.5
Linda S. Pieczynski Fundamentals of Juvenile Law 1.25
David Roe Professionalism/Ethics Series: Recognizing and Reducing Attorney Incivility In and Out of Court 1
Peter Bora Professionalism/Ethics Series: Insurance Coverage Ethics, The Reservation of Right Letter 1.5
Lawrence M. Donoghue Representing Clients in Government Investigations of Workplace Practices 1
Phillip Coover Landlord's Rights in Retail Bankruptcies, Squeezing Blood from a Stone 1
Bruce C. deGrazia Basics of Computer Security Law 1.5
Donald V. Jernberg Cyber Liability Risk and Insurance 1.25
Frederic Goodwill II Making and Defending Claims for Unpaid Wages Under the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act 1
Michael D Ettinger Recent Developments in Search and Seizure 1
Frederic Goodwill II Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act 1.25
Stacey Dembo Social Security Disability Claims, Children's SSI Benefits 1
Lee Phillip Forman Dead Man's Act 1.25
Lee Phillip Forman Illinois Dead Man's Act 1.25
Sherry Silvern Criminal Appeals: Ten Things to Remember and Ten Mistakes to Avoid 1
Adrienne B. Naumann Important Changes to U.S. Intellectual Property Law 1.5
Michael Alkaraki Products Liability - Plaintiff's Perspective 1
Charles Silverman Construction Litigation 101 Causes of Action 1