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Jonathan P. Tomes

Jonathan P. Tomes

Jonathan P. Tomes is a health care attorney practicing in the greater Kansas City area as a partner in the law firm of Tomes & Dvorak, Chartered. Jon is a member of the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal, 5th Circuit, 7th Circuit, 8th Circuit, and 10th Circuits, and Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, including their respective federal courts. Jon has also served as a prosecutor, defense counsel, and military judge in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Before becoming a military lawyer, Jon learned about security systems while serving in the Military Intelligence branch of the Army. Jon has also defended malpractice cases for the U.S. Army and prosecuted plaintiffs’ malpractice cases since his retirement from the Army. More recently, he has also served as an expert witness in litigation involving health information compliance issues in Illinois and Colorado.

Jon is also President of EMR Legal, Inc., a national HIPAA consulting firm, and is uniquely qualified to teach how to comply with HIPAA, the regulations implementing it, and the changes that the new HITECH Act requires regarding HIPAA. Jon has provided HIPAA compliance consulting for federal, state, and county governments, hospitals, long-term-care facilities, hospices, and various types of physician practices, as well as for business associates, such as transcription services, medical marketing companies, and electronic storage companies. He has also served as an Associate Professor of Law at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law and has been presenting HIPAA compliance seminars around the country for more than a decade.

Jon has written more than 50 books and dozens of professional articles on health care information law and HIPAA and HITECH Act compliance, among others. Many of his books are available on Amazon, and all of his HIPAA compliance books and other resources are available from his publishing house, Veterans Press, Inc., at His novels and short stories are available on Amazon Kindle. See the attached flyer for a special discount on his HIPAA Compliance Library for attendees of this seminar. Jon is available at 913-385-7990, ext. 306, or at To stay current on the latest HIPAA issues, subscribe to Jon’s free HIPAA & HITECH Act Blog at

Program Info:

HIPPA and HITECH Everything a Lawyer Needs Know covers all essential basic information on HIPPA and the impact the HITECH Act had on it. HIPPA and what it does is clearly defined and sanctions for HIPAA violations, including new federal private right of action and state court litigation, are discussed. Also, how to obtain HIPAA-protected individually identifiable health information is described in detail. In addition, an overview of security requirements and patent privacy requirements is included.

HIPAA & HITECH Everything a Lawyer Needs to Know
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