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Adrienne B. Naumann

Adrienne B.  Naumann

Ms. Naumann established her own practice in 1996 which is exclusively intellectual property law. Ms. Naumann’s practice includes individual entrepreneurs and start-up companies, as well as small and medium sized businesses. Her issued patents include a broad range of technologies including: a razor handle, board game, agricultural method, pneumatically driven trench shoring device, floral containers, electromechanical lock, laminar flow nozzle, portable exercise devices, mechanical bag holder and shelving. When necessary, she has filed successful patent application appeals in the Patent & Trademark Office on behalf of clients.

Ms. Naumann also has obtained trademarks, copyrights and design patents on behalf of artists, writers and companies.  In addition to obtaining intellectual property protection through government agencies, Ms. Naumann advises and drafts documents on matters of ownership, shop rights, work for hire, transfers of rights, licenses, permissions, rescission, consents, non-disclosure agreements, releases, trade secrets, proprietary information and web sites.

Ms. Naumann is also a judge with the Illinois Institute of Technology Interprofessional Projects Program in Chicago.  In this program undergraduate students collaborate on projects which combine economic and business studies with technologies directed to industry, transportation, consumers, and alternative energy resources.




Program Info:

Critical Changes in United States Patent Law

This program presents the changes to Title 35 of the United States Code the patentability of inventions defined under Sections 100-105 of the U.S. Patent Laws and how they relate to real case law.

The seminar covers the most important U.S. patent law changes of 2013 through 2014. 

Critical Changes in U.S. Patent Law
Important Changes to U.S. Intellectual Property Law
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