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Elizabeth A. Granoff

Elizabeth A. Granoff

Ms. Granoff provides a detailed review of the stages of an investigation with guidance on responses, navigating the potential pitfalls and when representation is advised.

For nearly ten years, Ms. Granoff was employed at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, first as Counsel, and than as Senior Counsel. In this capacity, she reviewed thousands of files for potential ethical violations, prosecuted cases of attorney misconduct, assisted with the resolution of attorney complaints and gave ethical opinions in a wide variety of law.

Since 2001, She has worked in private practice defending lawyers charged with ethical violations and giving legal opinions on ethical issues. Additionally, she has helped initiate preventative measures for lawyers and law firms to avoid ethical violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct and resolved hundreds of potential client grievances against lawyers.

She attended the University of Wisconsin Madison and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science and a Juris Doctorate from IIT-Kent College of Law.

In her practice, Ms. Granoff offers business consulting services for law firms ranging from solo practitioners to large law firms. The practice of law requires constant ethical and practical business solutions. As a consultant, She works with lawyers and law firms practicing in personal injury, domestic relations, general civil litigation, estate and wills, real estate, and criminal law.

Ms. Granoff provides complete ethical consulting to lawyers whether they are a sole practitioner or a large law firm. She also resolves potential internal disputes and actual disputes between lawyers and clients by investigating claims, speaking to relevant parties, and reviewing relevant documentation. Her objectivity allows her to recommend solutions that are practical, ethical, and cost effective. She also reviews ethical marketing material and provides ethical opinions on this documentation.

Program Info:
This program presents a view of the life of a typical “Big City” firm lawyer and the rising percentage of impairments identified for lawyers. Stress causes lawyers to turn to substance abuse and they can even suffer mental illness or other disorders.
This program examines the no work/life balance which has lawyers spending little time for themselves, their families and their social activities. How to have a career and a life. What is work/life balance? Why is work/life balance so important? How do I achieve this balance? The conclusion is to set guidelines for a path of balance that will benefit your life and your career knowing that careers last for decades and that work/life balance is not always possible.
This program will provide the participant with the important things to do to set yourself up for a balanced and fulfilling career. Strive to set boundaries of work and free time; to be clear and direct on your communications of your personal goals; and to organize your work life and your personal life. Learn how to perform balance checks to keep your work/balance plan on target.
Professionalism Series: ARDC Investigations: What To Do When The ARDC Knocks On Your Door
Professionalism Series: ARDC Ethical Investigations: Everything Attorneys are Scared to Ask, but Must Know
Professionalism Series: Disciplinary Law -The Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Professionalism/Ethics Series: Ethical Considerations Facing Attorneys with Alcohol and Drug Issues
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